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COZY 12 Quattro

The heart of sauna is the heater. If the heat is not mild and you feel uncomfortable, then usually the stove is the problem

Wood- heated stoves are best for mild and long lasting heat, they are made for making the steam by throwing some water on the stones. We have been producing the sauna stones more than fifteen years and our specialists know all the secrets of good sauna already for generations

Our stoves are unique in Estonia. We are the only producers that meet the German BIMSCH certificate requirements in TÜV test without supportive equipment’s. Stove needs at least 25% fuel compared to similar heaters . In the test it was needed even 40% less fuel.

Smoke gases are 6x cleaner compared to similar heaters.

The safety room between the heater and flammable material (wood) is only 17cm without any fire protection screens.

COZY 12 is suitable for sauna 6-13m3

Stove stones are NOT included!


Power: 11,5 kW
Max fuel load:8 kg
Fuel:wood – 30cm
Amount of Stones:120 kg


COZY12 drawings

COZY12 user manual

COZY12 Declaration of Performance

COZY12 Certificate